About company

The company is a manufacturer of useful and safe food as for adult as children. The production totally complies with European technologies and quality standards of the products. The company uses a system for analysis of risks, hazardous factors and control of HACCP critical points, what is confirmed by the corresponding certificate and guarantees the production of high-quality and safe products.

The products are produced with the use of the modern and high-technology equipment at the company’s in-house facilities.

We offer the products for special nutrition, dietary supplements and high quality confectionery products.

The proposed confectionery products are made according to the most modern technologies.

The development of technologies for confectionery products is carried out by highly qualified specialists.



The company products help to improve the human’s health thanks to the complex approach to the vitamin-mineral composition using: (A, B1, B5, B6, C, D, H, PP), as well as potassium, magnesium, ferrum and phosphorus. The absence of harmful components, the absence of GMO, the storage time, the constant monitoring of changes of the taste preferences and acceptable prices make our goods attractive for buyers and competitive on the market of confectionery products. Our products are perfect for people who take care of their health and weight, are a source of microelements and vitamins; they are the perfect dietary supplement for the ration of the children, as well as for people with weakened immune system and who are on a diet.